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Welcome to Empathy - Lightbringer(EU).    

Empathy is a small guild set up and run by a group of friends and raiding enthusiasts. We focus on reaching the highest content in 10 man raiding whilst maintaining a friendly, casual and fair environment.

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Lich King Down!

SkycasterLB, Aug 1, 10 6:04 PM.

Empathy finally downed the Lich King after 3 weeks of progress on him! 
Not only that, but we got him on the first attempt of the night.
It's time for us to hit the hard modes, starting in two weeks time!
Brilliant job team, and congratulations on those shiny new titles.

Pew Pew

Aelsuil93, Jul 28, 10 6:06 PM.
Just a small update.
Empathy has now had a few weeks of raiding ICC in which we have reached The Lich King every week with relative ease, gearing some of of lesser geared members, adapting the team and filling the guild bank with funds!
    Keep a look out for a LK kill this week as the team is particularly strong, fingers crossed!


Empathy is at The Lich King

Aelsuil93, Jul 15, 10 5:50 PM.
I am very pleased to announce that after our first official raid Empathy are now 11/12 in ICC 10, and have been focusing on the Lich King for a few hours tonight where we managed to break him into Phase 5!
    An excellent job guys and I know we have a good chance of downing him when we continue over the weekend.

The Story Behind Empathy

Aelsuil93, Jul 7, 10 12:21 PM.
Empathy was formed on 4/07/2010
As most of you will have worked out by now, Empathy is a guild without a set leader, whilst I am in control of the Guild Control Panel, I do not view this guild as my own, hence the two "Guild Master" ranks, the guild was not my own idea, more of a brainchild between Puréxmind, Skycaster, Darkthiest, Narelile and myself.
The guild was formed with the intention of being a small (just over 10 people) casual, friendly raiding guild, based on many of the ideals of The Crimson Dawn, from which we all came from, but with the idea of being more fair towards members by eliminating group divides, by staying small enough so that we only run one 10 man group. 

In the guild, everyone is viewed as equal and there is very little distinction between the ranks, apart from Social Member and Alt ranks, however everyone is welcome to their own opinions within the guild and will always be listened too.

These were the ideals behind Empathy, and they will be stuck to, if you have an issue please talk to fellow guildies about it and we will all work as a team to resolve this, we all want to raid and enjoy the game in a stress free, enjoyable environment.

As you may have noticed, the guild has suffered a few losses already, notably Sky and Dark, two of the founders, however we will continue to run the guild in their absence and hope they will rejoin us in the near future.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Empathylb, Jul 5, 10 12:31 PM.
Welcome people to the new website for Empathy, Lightbringer Europe. There will be many changes to the guild site, so please bare with me for the time being.
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European: Lightbringer (PvE)
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